Free Lottery Sites Ca$h in on the Windfall!

Free Lottery Sites Ca$h in on the Windfall!
If you don’t play free lotteries you could be missing out on a potential bonanza. Stop by a few well-chosen Web sites for a few minutes once a day and you could end up a millionaire. Free online lotteries are among the hottest properties on the Web. Jackpots as high as $50 million are available online–for free. Just a few mouse clicks could lead to instant wealth.

Here’s how it works: when you visit a free lottery site you are exposed to advertisements equal to or greater than the value of your lottery ticket. It’s the advertisers who pay for your chance to win. You’ll probably be required to click on a banner ad in order to activate your lottery ticket, but that’s a small price to for the chance to win some BIG money.

Here’s a list of free online lotteries where you can win–for free–right now: – $3,000,000 daily drawing and has prizes for playing free slots, blackjack, roulette and trivia games. – 6 of 43 $50.000.00 prize, a 5 of 49 $100.00 prize, and even a 4 of 49 $3.00 prize. – $1 million jackpot paid in a single lump sum. – 6 of 49 $100,000 prize as well as a 5 of 49 $50.00 prize. They also give the chance at a 4 of 49 $5.00 prize. – a top prize of $1 Million paid in a lump sum. The lottery can be played 3 times a day. – 6 in 75, $2,000,000 drawing for players to take two stabs at every day. Players can also win tickets

by referring a friend to – $50,000 hourly drawing that lets you play 3 times each hour. – offers gift certificates, Cash, and a $1,000.000 jackpot. The lottery is for US and Canada excluding Quebec. – $5,000.000 daily drawing and a staggering $50,000,000 monthly drawing that is the biggest on the net. Pick 6 out of 60 to win the daily jackpot. You can play this lottery 3 times each day. – pick 6 of 54 game with a chance to win $1 million. They also offer a host of other free games and fantasy sports bets. You must register to play. – impressive 1 in 240 chance to win one of its prizes that range from $5 to $1 million. There are also $50 and $2000 prizes. TroppoLotto lets you play up to 3 times a day. – $3 million top prize and they let visitors play 10 times a day, increasing your chances considerably. The site also has $5 and $500 prizes.

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