It is impossible to cheat in Roulette

If you are looking for a way to cheat (on the Internet) in roulette, you will find many authors writing about how to cheat on roulette, and claim that roulette beating with deception is possible, telling you that you might win Huge profit of cheating in the roulette.

Fact: you can not cheat on the roulette. It is impossible to cheat on the roulette, and nobody has ever been successful in doing it. But, the good news is that you can put the odds in your favor. You can benefit from roulette without cheating (or paying someone “knowledge”).

Over the years there are two popular and “cheat on common roulette myths”:

First myth: To predict the future turns of the roulette you can make use of a mathematical system. This is one of the most common misconceptions about roulette, and has no foundation in fact.

The game of roulette is based on pure chance, and each single spin is unrelated to any of its previous spins – for example, the ball lands in black for 10 consecutive spins; the players could assume that the ball will have a greater chance of falling into the next red; This is false.

In order for the mathematical system to work, it needs data to be analyzed, but in the roulette there is no recorded beyond data so nothing can be analyzed here.

Second myth: You can use “money management” to gain an edge. Money management does not affect the casino’s advantage , nor will it guarantee that you will benefit.

If you want money management to work for you, you should increase the size of your bet if the odds are on your side, and on the other hand to reduce the size of the bet if the odds are against you. The problem here of course, is that the payouts and the odds are set for the casino benefit and it never changes, and the game of roulette is definitely a game of chance.

The casino, as always, has the advantage in the roulette game because of the amount paid out on each bet – this one you can not change, or even manage.

The fact remains the same – you can not cheat on roulette; it is impossible. You can, however, use the odds as much as possible in your favor.

You can try these steps to increase your odds: 1. European Roulette game: European roulette reduces casino edge by 2.63% under American roulette.

2. Place your bets that uniform casino disbursements. Bet on those disbursements that is equal for example 1: 1, this is called “even money” that you can bet on red, even odd numbers, high blacks (19-36) and low numbers (1-18).

3. Try to reduce the edge of the casino to its lowest possible level choose the roulette wheel that provides the rule of “en prison”. The edge of the casino on this roulette is only at 1.35%.

These three steps will help you maximize your odds, but cheating on the roulette wheel is impossible.

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